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Q1: I am unfamiliar with this technology, how can this technology help me ?

A1: Knowledge is power, literally, especially in 2021. Technology allowing you to know exactly what is going on inside your engine, for certain, when most other people have no way of knowing and can only guess, that's a HUGE advantage.

Q2: Is the cylinder pressure tuning equipment limited to dyno test cell applications, or can it be used in other situations ?

A2: All 10 of our logger products are rugged, portable and can be installed/uninstalled in seconds. All loggers use quick disconnects and USB and can be used in the dyno cell as well as in/on a vehicle. Our TFX R8 logger is the most versatile logger and is being used on everything from Top Fuel to race karts, to marine applications, and pull tractors. We even have billion dollar OEMs using the very same logger for lawn equipment development.

Q3: TFX cylinder pressure tuning equipment looks rather plain, just a black box with connectors. Why is that ?

A3: TFX has never had a logger failure in 20 years of business. Engine builders/tuners need data, not bells and whistles. Competitors use bells and whistles to sell product, we do not.

Q4: Can this type of equipment also be used on diesel engines ? How about 2 stroke engines ?

A4: Absolutely. TFX cylinder pressure tuning equipment can be used on any engine. The end user could test a blown methanol engine, a diesel engine, and a 2 stroke engine, all within the span of 1/2 an hour, using the same TFX logger.

Q5: I have never used this technology before, what is the learning curve like? What sort of background do I need to use the equipment?

A5: Most people have not used this technology before, even many high end race teams have not used it. TFX has to make sure that EVERYONE can use the equipment. The prerequisites for using this equipment are :1) knowing a bit about engines, 2) knowing how to perform simple tasks on a computer.

Q6: How long has TFX been selling engine cylinder pressure tuning equipment ?

A6: TFX has been selling engine cylinder pressure tuning equipment since 2001.


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